Japa Learning Kit




Physicist and Vedic Scholars know all matter, our entire Universe is made of Vibrational Energy. This energy and the ability to harness its powers is given to Japa Students as a baseline for instruction for sustaining a life-time practice…this is the value of The Japa Yoga Learning Kit.

You will learn a sequence of asana (and mini-sequences) that will give you energy to practice and move into a life-time daily practice. Time tested, ancient knowledge brought out of the Vedic tradition with a contemporary voice. In addition, The Learning Kit includes rare melodic Vedic Hymns at the end of the Japa Session which delivers a profound level of rest to the practitioner, thus bringing “Unstressing” to one physiology which giving much needed deep rest.

Includes professionally recorded audio CDs containing personal instruction from America’s foremost authority in Japa Yoga.


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