JapaWest Full Spectrum 2500mg CBD Oil


CBD oil 750mg with 10% Emu Oil

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Physician Grade CBD oil in tincture, brings pain relief to joints, musculature, organs and glands. Formula has had the caring and professional attention from a Physician/Surgeon and a Siddha Yogi.  The fusion of Medicine and Yogic & Ayurvedic practices come to this product.  A 100% money back guarantee is assured with no hassles for  full refund.


JapaWest Ironclad Money Back Guarantee

Any and All products & services sold to JapaWest customers have an unconditional, no hassles, no questions ask, money back guarantee.  If for any reason, you are not satisfied simply return product with a return address and you will be refunded a full amount for which you spent, including shipping.  Buy with confidence, we are driven by the forces of healing and delivering customer satisfaction. If not, return with no problems or delays.  Thank you.


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