About JapaWest

At JapaWest, our story is as authentic, organic and unique as are our products, a natural outgrowth of the lives our principals lead and share.

Individually, Siddha Yogi Richard Esquinas continues a 40-year daily practice in yoga and yogic instruction while Dr. Maya Spaeth is world-renowned as a hand surgeon and maintains a bustling practice of her own.   Together, for more than a decade, they have lived as they preached to their clients – organic foods, daily yoga, sustainable sourcing and an over-riding commitment to consciousness at all levels.  As they chased each other between practices in California and the Midwest, they opened their lives and their homes to thought-leaders in yoga, transcendental meditation, quantum physics and longevity.

Their lives represent a blend of the ancient Vedic healing traditions with the science of modern medicine – and there is no conflict; instead, there is harmony.  Dr. Spaeth’s research into the ayurvedic teaching of healing revealed that her practice – the restoration of hands and other forms of plastic surgery – could be traced to lessons offered centuries ago.  Siddha Esquinas became increasingly fascinated with ongoing research in the hard science of medicine proving the value of his homeopathic practice. Therein is the mission of JapaWest: Advancing Medicine and Yoga.

Just as Richard and Maya have welcomed hundreds into their homes to discuss, share and experience the blessing of healthy lifestyles and consciousness, so too they now welcome you.

JapaWest is committed to advancing medicine and yoga.  We advocate natural remedies designed to drive zestful living and longevity. We participate in ongoing scientific research, thereby improving our products and contributing to the conciseness of the others.  We advance yoga through our daily practice and our instruction.  We give back to our communities.

But most important – we learn.  We learn from you, we learn from our research, we learn from our experiences.  As we JapaWest grows, our core values will remain, but our offering and our opportunities may grow.  Please check with us often.



Further, Japa Yoga is embedded in profound Laws of Nature

Physicist and Vedic Scholars know all matter, our entire Universe is made of Vibrational Energy. This energy and the ability to harness its powers is given to Japa Students as a baseline for instruction for sustaining a life-time practice…this is the value of The Japa Yoga Learning Kit.

You will learn a sequence of asana (and mini-sequences) that will give you energy to practice and move into a life-time daily practice. Time tested, ancient knowledge brought out of the Vedic tradition with a contemporary voice. In addition, The Learning Kit includes rare melodic Vedic Hymns at the end of the Japa Session which delivers a profound level of rest to the practitioner, thus bringing “Unstressing” to one physiology which giving much needed deep rest.


Meet Richard Esquinas

Richard Esquinas is one of eight children from a hard-working mother and a coal-miner father, born at home in a town smaller than Calimesa. He put himself through college, succeeded beyond most dreams in Publishing & Entertainment Industries. He served as President and General Manager of the San Diego Sports Arena. 

Mr. Esquinas is a Siddha Yoga (advanced learning) whose lifelong practice of yoga and meditation lead him to authoring two books on yoga, along with many short films and one long-form documentary. His current mission is to bring together Yoga and The Medical Cannabis Movement for healing and preventative measures. His commitment is to nurture the birth of alternative medicines for the aging population (50+) with the JapaWest Corporation. He has begun a campaign to bring Medical Cannabis particularly, CBD products and Yoga to a place of respect in the community.

Meet Maya Spaeth

Dr. Spaeth is a world-renowned pediatric & plastic hand surgeon.

She received her Bachelor of Science from the University of British Columbia and attended Medical School at the University of Calgary. Dr. Spaeth completed residency training in Family Medicine at Dalhousie and a second residency in Plastic Surgery at The Ohio State University Medical Center. She finished a Hand and Microsurgery fellowship at Baylor College of Medicine and recently completed two observerships in Toronto and Boston for Brachial Plexus and Facial Reanimation. She served an assistant professor at Loma Linda University and then later joined Nationwide Children’s Hospital as Co-Director of the Hand, Microsurgery, and Brachial Plexus Program. Now in private practice, Dr. Spaeth was also actively involved in medical research and education.

Dr. Spaeth has been published in leading professional publications. She has also received numerous honors and awards during her undergraduate, medical school and residency training. A few of the awards include the Canada Science Scholarship and National Science and Research Council Awards during undergraduate training, the Dr. Peter Cruse Award for best medical student surgical research and surgery research award during residency.


“Rich’s encouraging spirit is a key reason The Japa Learning Kit will work for beginners and advanced students….I used Japa Yoga for 2 Olympics…buy with confidence.” Blaine Wilson, 5 Time U.S, National Gymnastic Champion & Olympian Silver Medalist.

Mr. Esquinas recognizes he is asking you to join the ranks of Japa Nation by acquiring The Japa Yoga Learning Kit or The Likhita Learning Kit….he has provided a “buy with confidence” signal with the below bio to assure you…Japa is Real.

All Things Richard E, Siddha Yogi and Master of Japa & Likhita Yoga

As a 16 year old he studied of Swami Satchitananda’s classic Integral Yoga book….at age 17 he learned Transcendental Meditation (TM) and has nurtured an uninterrupted daily practice of Yoga & Meditation (Japa) for over 40 years. A devotee of Maharishi and the Maharishi Movement with over 5 years in residence doing Karma Yoga for his Guru got him started on sharing yoga with America.


He gives credit to Maharishi for directing him to leave Maharishi University to advance his love of the physical body by studying Physical Education and Kinesiology at The Ohio State University, where he graduated in 1978. After 12 years of earnest practice Maharishi granted him passage rites and instruction in the Siddis in 1985.

Richard E, Siddha Yogi went on to succeed in American business in publishing Sports and Entertainment and helped nurture the expansion of Yoga in America. (hence his long time identity as The American Yogi).

Richard E, Siddha Yogi and Master of Japa and Likhita Yoga devoted his love of his Guru’s teaching by working hard to share….he amassed by all standards an impressive performance history;

  • Over 14,000 hrs. of formal class instruction to over 200,000 attendees
  • Over 29,000 sessions in meditation to accompany his 15,000 consecutive days of practice (40 years) his passion is clear.
  • He has traveled to sacred India’s Vedic region and has met with world leaders in the Yoga Movement.
  • He has produced 3 books and over 20 documentary films including the well received film “Yatra in India”

From 2007 until recent he has immersed himself on a full time spiritual quest to Maharishi’s Pantajali dome (advanced training in Siddis), India for extensive Ayurvedic treatments, time with Brahmin Pundits while on sacred trekking, into Vedic Living.

Richard E, Siddha Yogi and Master of Japa & Likhita Yoga is now again sharing through his Learning Kits on Japa & Likhita the vedic wisdom of yoga, mantras and sutras. Most importantly his “active meditation” technique of Likhita will be a breakthrough and transformational knowledge.

He has invited all students from all walks of life to “come and sharpen their swords to be more effective on the battlefield of Life”…..I bring a re-awakened knowledge that is ancient yet has a contemporary voice.